About Crater VFX Training Center

We are passionate about film and in love with visual effects.

From the very beginning we had the need to excel in our field, with each project to be better, more creative and more professional. After many years in the industry, we decided to share all our knowledge, experience and love for VFX with everyone who wants to learn about it and one day become VFX pro.  For that reason we have founded the Crater VFX Training Center

Until now, we have shared our knowledge and secrets of the VFX craft only with those that had internships at our studio. Each day we have young and talented people coming to us, asking for the possibility of getting some work experience at our studio. We are thrilled to see so many ambitious people wanting to make their way into the VFX industry. Knowing that, we want to approach these young people, teach them and help them make their first steps towards asuccessful career in VFX.

We believe that the industry of visual effects will develop rapidly in Serbia too, and work from our studio and training center should contribute to the popularization of VFX career paths.

At Crater VFX Training Center, we offer general and specialized courses in most professions open at our studio as well as other areas of the VFX industry. We also have courses for teens as part of our Creative Animation program.

Courses for Adults                                                                              Courses for Teens    

•    Digital Photography                                                                                      •    Photoshop
•    Digital Image Editing and Creation                                                          •    After Effects
•    3D/VFX Essentials                                                                                         •    Maya
•    Rigging 
•    Digital Effects
•    After Effects
•    Videography
•    AutoCAD 2D
•    AutoCAD 3D

All students will learn the skills needed for creation of VFX for feature film, television shows and commercials, gaming industry and architectural visualizations. For those students who display outstanding talent, we will offer internship at our studio and scholarships. 

Every student will be given the opportunity to master all »tricks« necessary to became a VFX professional, while taught and mentored by the best people in the industry, in a positive and relaxed environment. Guest lecturers, who have already established themselves in some of the biggest world studios, will also be there to reveal the industry's best kept secrets.