Eureka: Do You See What I See?
Season 4, Episode 21, Christmas Special

Release year: 2011

Director: Matthew Hastings

Production Company: Universal Cable Productions

Visual Effects: Curious Pictures/Crater Studio


Allison is so busy planning the perfect Christmas for the family that she doesn't suspect Jack's own secret plans to deliver a white Christmas to the town. As she dashes to GD to pick up a special power source for one of Jenna's toys, Jack spirits across town to make sure that the snow-making device is ready to go. Zoe and Kevin, who are left watching Jenna, figure it should be fine to let the toddler open just one of her presents on Christmas Eve. Just when Jack and Allison are preparing to make their respective ways home, something bizarre happens: the whole town looks like computer-generated animation! Andy postulates that the superphoton generator from the snow-making machine may have altered their perception, meaning that Eureka simply looks like it's animated.