Crater Studio and Crater VFX Training Center are seeking for feature film or AAA games fx artists to train a local artists in Houdini



Crater Studio is an animation, visual effects and post production company from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe. With great passion and dedication we create cutting edge animations and visual effects for film and television. Our rich portfolio consists of local and international projects, feature films, music videos, TV commercials and 3D animations.

Inspired by the love for film we have chosen with clear vision to stimulate development of VFX industry in Serbia and Eastern Europe. Our dream is to position our company on the world map of VFX industry, making our talent, and professionalism recognizable. With this in mind we have established Crater VFX Training Center. The aim of our education is to give graduates the necessary experience to create visual effects of the highest quality in a positive atmosphere while fulfilling the highest professional standards and, in this way, to ensure they're ready to compete in the global market and create world-class visual effects. .


Type of engagement: one-off course

Duration: one to two weeks

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Software: Houdini

Course curriculum:

The Digital Effects Course, through lectures and practical work, offers its participants an introduction to the methodology and tools used to create top dynamic effects as it is done in a genuine professional production environment. We will teach you how to create natural phenomena effects such as explosions, fire, smoke and liquids, as well as to use cloth, hair and fur simulations and the demolition of objects, while choosing the optimum solution for each task. You will be engaged in key-frame animation, procedural modeling, particle and fluid animation, by focusing on exploring and solving problems, optimization of complex tasks and the final form, which must both obey the laws of physics and fulfill high visual standards.



·         Minimum of 5 years experience in Houdini as a fx artist in feature film or on AAA game titles

·         Certificate or Diploma related to the Animation/Design industry or 10 years industry experience

·         Professional demeanor, polished presentation skills and excellent verbal/written communication skills

·         Teaching experience (important, but not essential)

·         Eager, energetic self-starter with the ability to encourage and motivate audience

·         Side FX certification is a plus



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