Welcome to Serbia
Serbia is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, in Southeast Europe. This position makes Serbia a territory of great geopolitical importance, and also a crossroads between the East and the West. During the centuries Serbia has been under influences of different cultures, empires and countries, from Byzantium, Ottoman empire, Russia and countries of Central and Western Europe. Serbia was back then and still is a bridge that connects Eastern and Western cultures, bringing out the best of both.
Many events throughout history shaped Serbia, and left it with rich cultural and historical heritage. It is famous for its medieval churches and monasteries, and many of them are on the UNESCO World heritage list.

The ‘Blue’ Danube, Europe’s second longest river, moves across the landscape, naturally dividing Serbia into Northern part made of rich and fertile fields, and southern part dominated by the mountains.With mild continental climate, and diverse landscape Serbia is a country rich in natural resources.
Unique natural beauty, delicious traditional food and good atmosphere, makes Serbia an attractive holiday destination, and for the last few years it has attracted people of all walks of life. Throughout the whole year Serbia and especially the city of Belgrade offer a plethora of cultural events, spanning from music concerts, film festivals, classical dance & theatre shows, sporting and traditional events. 

Today, Serbia is a modern democratic country, on the way to become a member of European Union. 

How and when did the VFX Serbia website originate? The idea of VFX Serbia came about several years ago in response to the demand for professionals with an insight into the state of the local VFX industry and as a platform for promoting the industry. The goal was to create a base for local artists and studios, bringing together related disciplines and forming a coherent perspective on the local film, video production and post-production industries so as to represent the collective creative potential. Creating a website was the logical solution, as it offers fast, easy access and transparency. www.vfxserbia.com was launched in August of 2012 and works in conjunction with all the most popular social platforms, predominantly the VFX Serbia Facebook page. Read More... ... >>

As Europe’s new capital of cool, Belgrade is emerging as the hot new destination for international, feature, documentary and commercial film markets. It’s no wonder. Serbia offers low production costs, highly skilled creative talent, scenic locations and a solid industry infrastructure. And there’s more. Belgrade buzzes with an unparalleled energy these days. From the sublime to the extreme, the city’s frenetic nightlife, cool urban edge, bohemian vibe and safe streets are sure to please even the most discerning visitor. The City of Belgrade is one big backlot and the city government encourages filming with a low-key approach, limited bureaucratic requirements and a willingness to engage production to make things work. Beyond Belgrade, Serbia offers a range of scenery that ... >>