Shark Night 3D

Release year: 2011

Director: David R. Ellis

Production Company: Relativity Media

Visual Effects: Reliance Media Works/Lightstream Animation Studios/3lateral/Crater Studio


Seven college friends are preparing for a weekend at their friend’s lake house, thinking it would be a perfect vacation. But, quite unexpectedly, their luck turns their back to them when the lead football star, Malik, loses his arm  during a water skiing accident. His friends, initially, believed his wound was a consequence of a strange occasion. However, they discover that their friend was attacked by a shark. They thought they were dealing with only one shark, but soon they find out that 15 species of sharks are lurking in the water. Without a boat or any other transportation, without mobile phone signals, seven friends now face a fate they would never imagine. Scammers have used them as food for sharks, for live footage on an Internet website.