Life at Crater!

If you’re not ready to get out of your comfort zone and work on your skills every single day, you’re going to have a very hard time at Crater. But if you’re looking to become a world-class artist and gain incredible experience, then working at Crater will be like coming home. When our artists move on from Crater, they go on to work in A-list places such as Double Negative, Weta Digital, ILM, Sony, MPC and the like.


At Crater, we place a high premium on nurturing our artists and fostering a family spirit. In an industry notorious for long hours and tight deadlines, we are aware that our artists spend most of their time at the studio, which is why we go out of our way to make our space as home-like as possible, through physical facilities as well as a strong support network among the team. At Crater, there’s always someone around to give you a helping hand - whether you need to figure out how to pull off a task or you’re just looking for someone to lend you an ear after a stressful week. Just like a family, we stick together in good times and bad, and it makes all the difference.


Following the example of global industry leaders, our space features a chill zone where we all come to rest, hang out, have some food or a cup of coffee. Hungry artists are grumpy artists - so we keep our kitchen stocked with organic fruit, natural juice and healthy snacks, as well as unlimited coffee. When restless or stressed, we can also blow off steam playing darts, grilling the foosball table or organizing a spur-of-the-moment PlayStation tournament.


To top it all off, we are always up for community activities in and around the studio. Whenever we can, we organize meet-ups, masterclasses, workshops and lectures to keep us on top of new developments and tighten the bonds between our team and the rest of the industry, united in our commitment to pursuing excellence and pushing creative and professional boundaries ever further.

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