Our pipes don’t leak. In other words, there are many things we take lightly in life, but our clients’ expectations are not one of them.

We deeply understand the legal, financial, organizational, creative and moral responsibility that comes with the task of bringing someone else’s idea to life while sitting halfway around the globe from them - and we’ve designed our entire workflow around it.

Our internally developed pipeline is modeled after the world’s leading studios, integrating tools like Shotgun that allow for seamless collaboration with remote clients and keep them on top of our progress and the production flow. 

Our facilities are equipped with top-notch features ranging from a 4K viewing cinema that can seat an entire crew to a high-security IT infrastructure that keeps our clients’ files safe and sound.

Our studio is more than a decade old, and has since its humble beginnings grown to house nearly 40 artists and supporting staff, as well as our very own Training Center that holds certified courses for all leading VFX software.


Our country’s policy of stimulating the creative industry warrants rebates up to nearly 25% of the entire budget for production and post-production, as well as many other incentives, both financial and otherwise.

Our core team is a tight-knit group of passionate computer graphics experts which, combined, have more than a hundred years in industry experience, and an unrelenting determination to show the world that, given some time and a good budget, there’s nothing Crater Studio can’t do.

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