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Welcome to Serbia

Aspiring to become a hotspot on the global film industry map, Serbia, with its capital city Belgrade, is becoming better and better known among professionals looking to outsource their production to greener pastures that are more cost-effective but can deliver the expected quality of the end product.

As Europe’s new capital of cool, Belgrade is emerging as the hot new destination for international, feature, documentary and commercial film markets. It’s no wonder. Serbia offers low production costs, highly skilled creative talent, scenic locations and a solid industry infrastructure. To round it all up, the country provides government-backed tax incentives of up to 25% of production and post-production costs.

Belgrade buzzes with an unparalleled energy these days. From the sublime to the extreme, the city’s frenetic nightlife, cool urban edge, bohemian vibe and safe streets are sure to please even the most discerning visitor. The City of Belgrade is one big backlot and the city government encourages filming through its low-key approach, limited bureaucratic requirements and a willingness to engage production to help make things work.

Serbia’s abundance of untouched natural wonders make it a great spot for outdoor filming as well, while the added benefit of cash rebates seals the deal and explains why Belgrade might just become the next Vancouver of the VFX world.

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