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We Are The Team
VFX supervisor, founder
Petar Jovovic
A self-taught VFX generalist, Petar has dipped his toes in most areas of the CG industry ever since his first gig as a freelance 3D artist in the early 2000s. For the past fifteen years, he has been leading the Crater team up the steep hills of success, breezing through milestones with his sights already set on the one ahead. Endlessly ambitious, he is one of the few industry pioneers in the region and, as of 2017, a full-fledged VES member.
Executive producer, partner
Milovan Mladenovic
A human perpetuum mobile, Milovan is the driving force that paves the way for Crater’s dreams to become a reality. With two decades of experience, he can hammer out project details over his morning coffee, though dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s usually keeps him at his desk well into the night. A VES member as well, he has been fighting shoulder to shoulder with Petar ever since they first shook hands at a 3ds Max course back in the late ‘90s to put Serbia and Crater Studio on the global VFX map.

Out of work, he enjoys Wobbies, Bobbies, Robbies, Cobbies and Lobbies.

Art director, partner
Zoran Cvetkovic
Keeper of the fire, Zoran is Crater's lifeline to the creative spring and a reminder that the best things in life are not things. A whirlpool of love, creativity and beauty, his direction is the compass that ensures Crater stays on the best terms with the muse, while his sunny disposition ensures a few laughs even on the most stressful of days.

Outside of work, he enjoys ageing gracefully!

Proudest project: Romeo

Compositing supervisor
Nikola Vucenovic
A filmmaker first and VFX artist second, Nikola is the steady-handed craftsman weaving storytelling into every layer of his creation. A passionate innovator, he enjoys the thrill of the new, and follows developments in the industry religiously. Always excited for what tomorrow will bring, he is the first to make use of new technologies to blur the line between fantasy and reality.
VFX supervisor
Bogdan Amidzic
Half-artist and half-technician, Bogdan is the marathon runner for whom no distance is too great and no challenge too difficult. His favorite pastime is knocking down the myth of it can’t be done, combining inspiration with dedication to shatter glass ceilings and demonstrate that with the right mindset, no ambition is too high.

Out of work, he enjoys painting, programming, archery, skiing and hiking.

Proudest project: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Netflix’s painstakingly detailed bestseller adaptation

Wandering VFX Artist
Marko Milicevic
A true globetrotter, Marko is Crater’s window into the world, making his way as an artist in some of the industry’s biggest studios and always coming back to bring innovation and best practices from those at the top. A collaborator from day one, he was part of the project that first brought the studio together, and has spent the last decade honing his skills on A-star projects both overseas and at Crater.

Outside of work, he enjoys snowboarding.

Proudest project: Tears for Sale

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